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Left handed AR-15 upper short barrell

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Help! I am to the point that I want to get serious on my current AR-15 build. (I will post some pics of the lower later.) Here is what I want:
Left-handed upper short barrell (just like the topic says).
I will probably also get a suppressor / silencer for it also.
Obviously this stuff needs some paperwork and I can't just buy off the internet, so I will need some help with that later....CHRIS...are you interested and can you help me with the NFA paperwork?
The problem is I don't know where to get what I want. I called Stag Arms who specialize in lefty uppers, but they don't and won't make a short barrell.
Any ideas on how to get what I want?

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You can still buy the Stag, just take the gun to a gun smith have them take the barrel off, then put on a short barrel on it and register it to the lower receiver. You can get/order short barrels from most gun stores that specialize in AR's. You could probably even trade the barrel you are taking off the gun towards a short barrel. Impact Guns and Get Some Guns come to mind. I know a few guys that have done this.
I used a Stainless Ultra-Match barrel for mine, they're affordable tack drivers. :D

But too long to use if you're making an SBR.
Here's a web address to Brownells. They have two different barrels that are 11.5"

http://www.brownells.com/aspx/ns/store/ ... %20BARRELS
Hunter, Great idea. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that. The barrell has nothing to do with being a leftie!

It's too bad Patriot Ordinance doesn't make a south paw version of these gas-piston bad boys...

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Ruger Collector said:
It's too bad Patriot Ordinance doesn't make a south paw version of these gas-piston bad boys...

Is this upper yours? I'm just wondering because I have heard a lot of negative things about them and very little positive.
Hunter said:
Is this upper yours? I'm just wondering because I have heard a lot of negative things about them and very little positive.
No it's one from my 'want list', actually I'd get a longer barrel. What negatives have you heard about these? The reviews I've seen on the designs that don't dump the combustion exhaust directly into the action have been pretty good. :?:
The initial design is great, just look at the AK. The problem with Patriot is they jam and malfunction. I watch other forums where the people on them do alot of training and see a lot of different kinds of gear. Without exception the Patriot Rifle does not make it through a training class without having problems.

These classes vary from two to five day courses with 1500-8000 rounds fired during these training classes. I have heard better things about LWR Rifles, http://www.lwrifles.com/ and Robinson XCR Rifles, http://www.robarm.com/ Robinson is made in Utah.
So did you decide to just deal with brass hitting you or are you going to shoot right handed?
Those Rock RIver Uppers are really good. At least three guys I work with have the same upper and they they really like them. I'm sure you'll be happy with it. Now the hard part is waiting for the paper work from the ATF. Happy Shooting! :D
That setup looks really sweet! :D How much did the bare lower run?

Have either of you tried the hydraulic or pneumatic recoil buffers?
I like the part about it supporting our local gun industry the most. :D
I feel compelled to warn you the simple act of owning a SBR upper without a registered tax paid SBR lower is viewed by the ATF as a crime. You should take that upper somewhere not in proximity of your lower; somewhere that doesn't have a lower at hand... your mothers house perhaps.

http://www.noveskerifleworks.com/This guy makes fantastic barrels although sometimes hard to get. His N4 barrels are hammer forged double thickness crime lined. The claim is it will out last the rest of your rifle. I happen to have a couple in various lengths I may be willing to part with.
I checked into this before I bought the upper because I was worried about it. My understanding from several sources is that I am fine as long as I don't mate the upper and lower. I can legally own the upper as it is not what is controlled. The lower is what is controlled and registered. As long as the upper never mates with the lower (which it won't) I am following the law.... I even reviewed all the firearms laws I could find on the ATF website and checked with several gun stores who handle class III weapons and they all said I was fine. Your suggestion is well taken and will be considered though. If you have any links for me or any other info please PM me with it. Thanks.
I think you are seriously and dangerously wrong. Notice the below in red... you are playing with fire. If the AFT gets wind of it they will arrest you, seize your property and let the court straighten it out. Even if you win you loose. Be smart, take it to moms house till the form 1 is returned stamp in place.

The Court said that a set of parts was not a short barreled
rifle, unless the only way to assemble the parts was into a short
barreled rifle. As this set had a legitimate, legal, use for all
the parts it was OK. However they also approved of lower court
cases holding that the sale by one person, at the same place, of
all the parts to assemble an AR-15, with a short barrel, was sale
of a SBR, even if they weren't assembled together at the moment of
the bust, and had in fact never been assembled. See U.S. v.
Drasen, 845 F.2d 731 (7th Cir. 1988). This was because the only
use for the parts in that case was a SBR. If the person in that
case also had a registered M-16, then there would be a legitimate
use for the SMG barrel, and there shouldn't be a problem. And the
Court agreed, of course, that a fully assembled rifle with a barrel
less than 16", or an overall length of less than 26" was also
subject to registration. Although it was not addressed in the
case, the rule is that an otherwise short barreled rifle that is
very easily restored to firing condition (readily restorable);
e.g., one missing a firing pin, but for that pin one may substitute
a nail or other common object, is also subject to the law.

Or you can make any NFA weapon, except for machine guns (see
below), by filing ATF Form 1, "Application to Make and Register a
Firearm", and paying the $200 making tax, which applies to all of
these weapons, including AOW's. You may not make the proposed
weapon until the Form 1 is returned to you approved. The law
enforcement certification, photos and fingerprints also apply to
Form 1's, and in fact to any transfer to an individual.
Additionally the manufacturer of any NFA weapon, including an
individual making one on a Form 1 must mark the receiver of the
weapon with the maker's name and city and state. NFA Branch can
grant exemptions from this for DD's. All types of corporations,
including corporate type 01 FFL holders, need not do the
certification, photo and fingerprint requirements. Any of the
forms listed, and the fingerprint cards, are available for free
from ATF, either in Washington, D.C. or your local office.

If you think the AFT wont consider pushing two pins into place isn't "very easily restored to firing condition" you are wrong.
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