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Lefty XD Owners

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With my purchase yesterday of a Compact XD45, and my full-size 4" in January, I felt ripped off that I couldn't use the holster included as it only accommodated right-handed folk.

So I called Springfield to see what they could do for me. Without a hiccup they offered to send me a left-handed paddle holster to use for my new gun. FREE. I thought they'd at least want the other holster back. NO. FREE, FREE, FREE.

Springfield Armory: 1-800-680-6866. Press option 2 for customer service.
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Not only a great product, but excellent customer service! Makes me happier I have one myself! :lol:
I LOVE my XD9SC and my XD45 ACP. They are by far my favorite guns to shoot.

However, the included holster sucks anyway, so don't feel bad about it. I tried it on once, and I have never touched it since. It doesn't hold the gun snug to my side, I felt like the gun was sticking out like a railroad arm or something.

I currently use a Don Hume Agent holster with retention, and it rocks. Very comfortable and snug. They have it in lefty too. Check out http://www.pistolgear.com

also, if you havn't been there yet, go visit:


Enjoy the XD's
I am a frequent poster on XDTalk and visit PistolGear.com once in a while just to see if there's anything new.

One thing that bothers me right now is the fact that NOBODY except firearms dealers carry the 13 round magazine for the Compact XD45 that has the little extension piece.

Not even Midway or CheaperThanDirt carry it. GRRRR.
Thats too bad, I didn't know that, as I bought my .45 just before the "compact" came out.

Give it time though, it won't take long before everyone carries them.
Springfield is going to have to start making parts more readily available for the public, but it may take them just a little more time before they figure that out - but they will.

In the mean time, happy shooting!
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