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"A safe environment is essential to each of us
individually and to our joint academic enterprise which depends on
discussion free from threats of violence."-Pres. Young

I couldn't have said it better myself. In fact, it's why I carry.

Date: February 1, 2007
To: All Faculty, Staff and Students
From: Michael K. Young, President
Subject: Update on Firearms on Campus

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

I am writing to update you on developments regarding concealed weapons
on campus. In my email of September 18, 2006, I told you that the
University was suspending enforcement of its firearms policy, as it
deals with concealed weapons, pending the outcome of discussions with
state leaders on a possible legislative accommodation to address our
commitment to maintain a safe environment on campus. It is important
that we all be reminded of what the State Law regarding firearms on
campus actually states and it is summarized for you below.

Over the last few months, we, along with other higher education
presidents, have engaged in an extensive dialogue with legislative
leadership and a legislative group appointed to work with us on this
issue. A Senate Bill dealing with concealed weapons on higher education
campuses was released today. That Bill, sponsored by Senator Greg Bell,
is the result of our discussions. The Bill is not all that we hoped
for, but it does largely prohibit concealed weapons in dormitories, and
it gives institutions of higher education the power to promulgate
policies restricting concealed weapons in faculty and staff offices.
These concessions reflect the current legal and political realities. As
you know, the Utah Supreme Court ruled against the University on its
claim that state law permits the University to restrict concealed
weapons on campus. Although the University can pursue its case in
Federal Court, a favorable outcome is not at all assured. In the
Legislature, many members believe that any firearms restrictions make
people unsafe. Many of us who work, teach, learn, or seek medical care
on the University Campus may feel differently. However, coming to some
common ground on this issue is important if we are to move forward.
Faced with these realities, I have concluded that Senator Bell's bill is
the best option available to us. I support it for that reason.

I know that this issue is very important to the University community and
it is to me as well. A safe environment is essential to each of us
individually and to our joint academic enterprise which depends on
discussion free from threats of violence. This compromise will permit
us to move forward on the many other issues that affect our ability to
maintain and improve the quality of this great University. I remain
firmly committed to ensuring that the University of Utah is a safe place
to study and work.

Michael K. Young

Contact Person: [email protected]

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I called my senator today & protested this proposed bill as it would definitely make things less safe on campus, and violates the constitution of these United States, let alone of Utah.
The only thing about this bill that could be considered good is the criminals look at their new victims, knowing they more than likely will not be harmed as they oppress others for their own means!
The U of U has whined long enough! It is time to put a stop to their oppression & bring them out of the dark ages and into the light! Consequentially, there have been no instances brought to my attention by the U, of any wrong doing by anyone with a lawful ccw since they relaxed their stance during this "interim" period, while they have been working to force the legislature into backing them--the [edited by moderator] traitors! There is no
problem needing to be fixed--Period! Just the problem with an insane mindset at the U!

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I sent an email to my Senator letting him know my views and the rediculous rationalization behind this bill. I also reminded him of HB 28 and the need to focus on law enforcement and education more than passing laws that only hurt the law-abiding.

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If I understand correctly, the proposed bill would (among other things) "...prohibit concealed-weapon permit holders from bringing a self-defense weapon into faculty and staff offices."

So a faculty member who has his/her CCW could legally carry on the campus and in the buildings, but could not legally go into his/her own office? Uh-huh... sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Fourth down, long yardage. They're just trying to come up with some trick play like starting off in the CCW owners backfield. I think the best solution is for the state legislature to whistle the play dead, call loss of down, and turn the ball over to the good guys.

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I just can't get over how insane the U is being over this. The president acts like a pouty little kid who lost an argument with his parents and just won't let it go. I've met a few other students at the U who carry, and it sounds like they are all doing what they can to fight this thing. Thanks to everyone here who battles this as well. We all need to keep doing our part, unfortunatley we can never stop.

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Please all ... write to your reps and senators.
You can find them by entering your address in this form: Legislator Lookup

Here's my letter that I just emailed:
Dear ...,

I sincerely urge you to vote against S.B. 251 - Higher Education - Concealed Firearms Restrictions. The Legislature made it clear in two separate instances that the authority to regulate firearms rests with the Legislature. First, in U.C.A 76-10-500, uniform laws pertaining to firearms were established in which, "... All authority to regulate firearms shall be reserved to the state except where the Legislature specifically delegates responsibility to local authorities or state entities. .."

The University of Utah violated this statute for years, and when rightfully called on the issue by the Attorney General, even went to court to try to get its way by judicial fiat in order to circumvent the law.

Then in 2004, the Legislature strengthened the law by passing U.C.A. 63-98-102, which makes it very clear that state law applies to public universities as well. The U of U again went back to the courts to try to circumvent the will of the people as expressed through their representatives.

Only when ruled against in court did the U of U drop its illegal policies banning the lawful possession of firearms. But now, after having defied the law and then having tried to undermine state law through the courts, the U of U wants the Legislature to grant it the power to restrict the lawful possession of firearms in dorms and faculty offices from those who have gone through the hoops to be licensed to carry for self-defense.

This is an insult to the people of Utah who, after all, own the university. It is also an insult to the Legislature which was vilified by the university for several years. It is also outrageous that the U of U wants to be granted the right to strip law-abiding citizens of their right to self-defense.

Please fight against passage of this egregious bill. The U of U is not above the law, nor is it above the people. The time has come for that lesson to be taught in the classroom.

Sincerest Regards,

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Letters have just been sent to both Rep. Frank and Sen. Valentine.
I know Rep. Franks stand on the issue, as I have discussed it with him before, and he will defend our rights. I only hope that Sen. Valentine will do the same.

Everyone who hasn't, please send your letters! ASAP!

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This morning (2-6-07), the S.L. Tribune website has an article titled "Campus Gun-rights Duel Erupts Again." And the sub-heading with uses the words "Compromise Bill."


OK, I admit to being a little sensitive about the UofU imposing restrictions on permit holders, but this piece seems a little slanted. It points out the bill SB251 is receiving criticism in spite of the fact that the text of the bill hasn't yet been released to the public!

But the dribs and drabs that have leaked out about it are enough to condemn it to me. The best quote in the ariticle comes from Charles Hardy, GOUtah's policy director. "There's no reason why the University of Utah should be given any special perks with banning guns. There are no other state agencies that can ban guns without a legitimate, secure area." I fully agree, so I echo his statement. There's no reason why the UofU (or ANY of the state colleges or universities) should be given any special perks.

My senator is a good man, and has a "closet full of hunting rifles," but he doesn't believe guns should be allowed on campus. He works for Salt Lake Community College, so he has a marshmallow in this fire. I doubt he'll change his mind. I hope the other senators see their way clear to deep-six this bill.

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So legislature, what am I supposed to do, as a student, when I take my firearm up to the U on Trax, have it with me during class, and then need to go meet with a professor or program advisor? Am I supposed to unholster and leave it in the hall?? :lol: (That's a joke by the way, please no one think I would actually do such a neglagent thing!!!)

Or I suppose I could ask my professor to step out of his\her office into the hall???? :roll: :?

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An armed society is a polite society. If the Univ. Pres. is so concerned with having a "safe enviroment" then, allow concealed carry by mature, responsible, law abing people on campus. Don't allow the people you are responsible for to be helpless and unable to defend themselves.

Guns aren't the real weapons, it's the people who are using them that are. But then what would you expect from the UofU.
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