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Liberal = Pro Gun Rights???

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Ok first of let me preface this that I am not intending to belittle, flame, poke fun of anyone’s political affiliation. I am posting this question in hopes someone can explain the logic of making a decision like this. I am not democrat or republican just seeking how this works.

Ok so here it goes.

A person claims to be a liberal or democrat but votes for those candidates who want to instill socialism (and we all know that one of the main goals for starting socialism is to disarm the people) yet they are pro gun rights. How does this logic make sense? Could someone put it in a way I can understand?

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It usually comes from an incomplete understanding of their political affiliation. Just like how people vote for laws because the TV ad made it sound good, people are often vote for one side or another based off what seems popular instead of what they believe.
See and I just don't understand that. To me someone who votes on what’s popular not what they think lacks character!
Warning! The following is my opinion...

The plain and simple fact is that the vast majority of liberal politicians are for more gun-control. Many of the liberal voters who vote for them probably don't even think about their votes in terms of gun-control. Most probably give very little thought to the issue of gun-control at all. Current national polls show that the majority of Americans do not favor the passage of more gun-control laws, however the two front-runners for the Democrat ticket are both rabid gun-grabbers (although you can bet that they're steering clear of the topic during an election year).

I started this post by saying that this is my opinion, but it would not be hard to demonstrate my first statement. I've looked at voting records on bills before the U.S. Congress and in the legislatures of various states on gun issues (both gun-control on the one hand and attempts to pass Shall-Issue CCW laws on the other). By a severe margin, Democrats vote for more gun-control and against Shall-Issue CCW. Republicans, on the other hand, tend to vote against more gun-control and for Shall-Issue CCW, but often not by so large a margin.

Yet people vote for those anti-gun politicians. I can only conclude that most people don't give the matter of the right to keep and bear arms much thought. I suspect that they're voting for leftist politicians because they want the government to solve their problems for them. <--- again, my opinion :gun6:
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I think some of these type of people tend to jump on the bandwagon and go along with whatever everyone else seems to be going along with. Yes, it shows a lack of character but they probably don't even think twice about it. Everyone wants to be on the winning team and so I believe this is why some pro-gun people (not all and definitely not the ones who think about it) vote for those candidates that are likely to try and introduce more gun control.
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