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UtahCFP said:
If the garbage men go on strike in NYC, you have an emergency affecting millions within days. If the garbage men go on strike in Utah, people get miffed and then take their junk to the dump.

If the power goes out in NYC, millions are stranded and will quickly exhaust food resources, create health and sanitation issues (no pumps to get water up the high-rise buildings), and looting will start. If the power goes out in Utah, people will get miffed and cook with gas.

And if the police go on strike, we'll have general chaos because certainly, people cannot defend themselves!

As a teacher, I notice a definite trend towards more and more entitlement. We Americans are getting dependent on the government (and feeling entitled to it as well) and becoming less self-sufficient and capable. This is one of the primary reasons I got back into guns.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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