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Little Sahara Sand Dunes

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I think I know the answer but I just want to verify this with the rest of you keyboard attorneys out there. I am heading to the Little Sahara National Recreation Area which is a BLM managed campground. It is NOT a national Park and so I don't think that CC is prohibited.

In a brochure and on a few web sites they state "Forget the firearms. Discharging them at Little Sahara is illegal, so please leave them home." Can anyone point me to a "chapter and verse" section of the law on this? I can't find anything on this. It does make common sense to restrict hunting will all the people on OHV and such but I thought that BLM land was OK to shoot on.

I plan on taking my "protector" this year because a few years ago we had some drunks come into our camp at 3:00 AM on OHVs and pull down tents, knock over coolers, and just make trouble. There were about 10 adults and 20 kids at our scout outing and we were able to chase them off. I'm a big feller and swing a mean shovel. In the morning we saw that one of our nice springbar tents had a 3 foot clean rip that was definitely made by a knife. In the 15 years we have been taking the scouts there, that is the only time we've had any trouble. This year there are only 2 adults and about 8 kids going. If I see a knife and ONLY if I SEE a knife or other weapon and they are using it to threaten myself or others, then they will see a laser spot on their chest. Actually the only problem we usually have is a kid leaving a tent unzipped and kit foxes going in and stealing food. Bold little animals.
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I think they can regulate the Discharge of firearms, but not the possession of them.
I will post laws one way or another if I find them.
Firing a weapon in self-defense is always legal. They cannot charge you for that.

They could possibly charge you for firing the weapon if you were plinking, though I can't find any laws that would give them this ability above and beyond the laws that apply to everyplace in Utah - no streets, city limits, from vehicles, etc. The BLM manages 42 percent of the state, so if this were a blanket rule, hunting and plinking would pretty much be illegal.

And no, they cannot limit your ability to carry concealed there.
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