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Looking for instructors for Bountiful in home CCW class

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Instructors post or PM me about coming to my parents home in Bountiful and teaching a CCW class. My Mother, 2 sisters, my wife, brother in law, sister in law and maybe a few other relatives and friends are interested in taking the CCW class and getting their permits. We could also host more if others want to come we have lots of room. Please let me know price per person, if photo and prints can be taken there or need to be provided. I'm sure at least those 6 would be there, I'm working on getting more. My brother and I bother have out permits and we've been working on the whole family. Only 1 is left that opposes it. :D
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Chris at Strategic Tactical Group is just up in Kaysville and does in-home courses. I would contact him: 801-915-4118.

From what I understand, his courses are excellent!
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