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I have "lurked" and enjoyed what I have seen for a while but guess I finally have something to say. So .. as for introduction, I have my carry permit and do carry whenever possible. My work is weapons free, including parking lots etc. And I wouldn't want to break the law. I live in WVC.
as for my something to say.. the thing I like the most about this forum is the banter when someone interpets one way and there is another that sees it different. I see where some feel bad and others have taken somethings personal. Maybe I would have too, however, without 2 sides to the senerios (maybe 3 sides or more here) wouldn't it be like a brainwash to 1 way.. I really do like the dinner table talk after reading your post and your replies. It has really helped me and my family to understand the laws and the "what if's" that we are trying to develop personal safety around.. That being said.. I hope to see the knowledge flow and the common ground stay close !! Thanks again for great discussions and imput.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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