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Makin a comeback

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I have reloaded and shot my entire life do to my dad's addiction to collecting and shooting firearms. At some point I kind of lost interest. Probably do to girls and such. I am married for the second time and finally settled down. I am ready to pursue my shooting hobby now.
I have had a CCP since I was 21 and could legally pack a gun. It was so cool back then. Now it seems a necessary tool more than cool. I have concern about my safety as well as my family, and since the latest news breaks about colledge kid's struggling with their rage, carrying takes a whole new meaning to me now.
I love to reload and shoot long range bench rest as well has hand guns at any range. I love to plunk around with my buckmark 22. I carry a charles daly 1911 45 acp. I also own a ruger 45 long colt blackhawk revolver. As far as bench rest goes, I have a Mountain eagle custom 300 win., a remington 222 with a sako action, and a ruger 10/22 that is my current project gun. I recently purchased a cool flint lock 54 caliber! I havent even shot it yet!
I am here to keep up on the gab on CCP's and whatever other gun talk there is. I love guns and the right to own and bear them.
I consider myself a beginner because I don't know very much about guns, I have just shot them enough to know how at this point. I have forgotten alot since my childhood and probably didn't know much anyways! ha ha.
I became interested in shooting about a year ago and I am finally getting geared up.
I'm not the kind of person that offends easily, so hit me with whatever you want and I will be completely honest about my inferior knowledge. But I love to talk and learn from others.
Well I hope to hear from ya all!
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How did you hear about us? Where do you live? We're always glad to have new members, and we get quite a few! Enjoy yourself, make yourself at home and post often. Let us know if we can be of assistance!
:sup: Welcome aboard.
Welcome to UCC! What part of Utah do you live in?
Welcome to our forum! That was a great introduction, so thanks for introducing yourself.
We're very glad to have you join our forum.

Do you live in Utah? Most of our members are from Utah (naturally), but some are in other states.
Post often...
Welcome, nice to have you here. 8)

:new: too
:welcome: Glade to have you aboard.
:sup: Welcome, post often and have fun here.

They always say love is the better the second time around.

Campinclint said:
...I will be completely honest about my inferior knowledge. But I love to talk and learn from others.
Well I hope to hear from ya all!
You have come to the right place. Glad you found us!
:sup: :welcome:
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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