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Hello, I'm new to this forum but I wanted to post this thread to let everyone know of this amazing, LOCAL, custom kydex holster maker. He made the best holster I could ask for for my Smith&Wesson model 19 Carry Comp. He really knows his stuff, and his kydex design selection is second to none.
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Instead of a concealment wing/claw, he strategically made a raised portion on the trigger guard. What I refer to as a "concealment bump". I asked him to use an ulticlip and also cut out the cylinder to reduce the width. I asked for the ride height to be low and the specific kydex design as well. He delivered everything to my expectations. He does holsters for ANY model of guns. The ones he may not have a mold of you can just lend out the gun in question for a week. Super comfortable. Stylish. Adjustable retention.
If I'm out in the market for a kydex holster in the future, you know where I'll go. Check out his works at Lytton Custom Holsters Home
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