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More anarchy in gunless Scotland

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More natural consequences of neutering and disarming the population.

The only thing I can say is thank goodness these gangs have no clue how to use swords. Used correctly, even these junky, cheap swords can amputate appendages, decapitate, split the torso open (assuming the blade doesn't snap off at the tang).

http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/disp ... tabbed.php

Samurai sword terror as five stabbed

by Chris Musson

FOUR teenagers were among at least five people stabbed in a street battle linked to gangland wars in north Glasgow.

Samurai swords and knives were used by youths as young as 15 as the Milton area erupted into violence.

Local residents have today claimed that rival gangs who have "allegiances" to families with links to the heroin trade were involved in a series of incidents which began around 8.30pm on Saturday. Police today said five males were taken to the Royal Infirmary and released after treatment for stab wounds.

A 15-year-old, two 16-year-olds, one aged 19, and a 26-year-old were injured in incidents around midnight at Egilsay Crescent, Vallay Street, and Torogay Terrace.

Detectives have tried to interview some victims but are believed to be frustrated by a lack of co-operation.

Milton councillor Billy McAllister said Saturday's gang battle was linked to the ongoing feud between the Lyons and Daniel families.

Although police are not making the same link publicly, local sources today claimed a young member of the Lyons family was among those injured. One resident said: "The kids up here are split into two factions. One has allegiance with the Lyons family. The other is not necessarily linked to the Daniel family, but they refuse to do business with the Lyons.

"The fighting started about 8.30pm, and continued from then, until the madness at about midnight."

Mr McAllister said: "The police have said they have things under control up here. That's clearly not the case. The people of Milton are saying it's not under control, and Saturday's events clearly show that."

The SNP councillor also rubbished reports in several newspapers he had been "forced to flee the country" after receiving death threats. He said he had no plans to leave Scotland.

Last month, Chief Constable Willie Rae said his officers were doing "everything possible" to tackle the issues in the area.

And Chief Superintendent David Martin pledged to provide "substantial additional resources".

Publication date 15/01/07
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