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Mormon marijuana?

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In another forum someone solicited LE opinions on marijuana then posted this link I found part interesting and cant vouch for its validity I thought it may spark discussions here.

However, the first state law outlawing marijuana did so not because of Mexicans using the drug. Oddly enough, it was because of Mormons using it. Mormons who traveled to Mexico in 1910 came back to Salt Lake City with marijuana. The church was not pleased and ruled against use of the drug. Since the state of Utah automatically enshrined church doctrine into law, the first state marijuana prohibition was established in 1915. (Today, Senator Orrin Hatch serves as the prohibition arm of this heavily church-influenced state.)

I was a narcotics cop and dope is for dopes.
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Cinhil said:
That was interesting. It should also be known that marijuana was issued to farmers, especially in the Southern States in order to create giant crops of marijuana for Hemp production during the First World War. Generally speaking there was never a problem with marijuana in the states until the Tobacco industry discovered that this product had been found to have the properties which smokers of it seek, and for which they had begun using it for for personal use rather than regular tobacco.
The Tobacco lobby lobbied extremely hard to have marijuana outlawed and eventually got Congress to do so, while at the same time being able to keep their highly toxic and extremely addictive (more so than marijuana) product legal. Today more people die daily from the use of tobacco in its various forms than for nearly all other of the top ten causes of death combined.
There was even a History Channel discussion of this. In fact when I watched the program it nearly made me sick just listening to the ingredients put into tobacco---so very highly toxic and a very legal high!
In either case both are drugs and are problems, the only thing different about them, really, is that tobacco is legal (though taxed through the roof) and marijuana is illegal.
And no, I don't smoke either of them. :ack: I just like to educate myself.
Cigarette smoke makes me sick! :puke: I wish cigarettes were also outlawed.
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