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Mossberg 500

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I just purchased this gun from a on-line gun listing site. The guy that owned it only shot about 20 rnds through it.

Came with a 18.5" and a 27" barrel as well as a Pistol grip "which I will probably never use." The gun functions very well and has a capacity of 6 + 1. I had a lot of fun shooting it and it seems to handle and function the same as the Remington 870. I have the model with synthetic stock which I have never owned before and I like it as well. I don't have to worry as much about dings etc. I really like the fact that i comes with the two barrels. Actually that is the main reason I bought it. I am planning to attend the NRA LE Instructor Class as soon as I can afford it, and I needed a shotgun with the short barrel. But I also wanted on to go out and use for bird hunting etc. This seems to be the perfect combo.

Best of all it cost me a total of $160.00 with shipping.
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I will try to get some pictures up this week.
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