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Movie Theatre Incident

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I've shared this on another forum before and decided to share it again here. This is the only time that I have almost had to show my permit and declare I had a gun in public. Anyway, here goes. The first year that I had my permiy, my wife and I went to a movie with some friends. It was a big budget opening night and was super crowded. We arrived plenty early and ended up being the first 4 people in line. When they finally were about to let us in, the ticket guy and two others came up to the front of the line. The two others were two guys in suit jackets with wands. So my wife gave her ticket and proceded to get wanded. I got really nervous and in the very short time that I had to think of something to say, my mind was going a million mph. I really only had a few seconds being in the front of the line and all, and I didn't want to leave having just seen some wands. So I gave my ticket and got wanded. Sure enough it beeped on my 4 O'clock. Nervously I didn't know what to say or do so I began to reach for my wallet to get my permit to show the guy. When I did he noticed my belt had some metal inserts and chuckled saying "these things are so sensitive" and he let me pass. I was so relieved because I didn't know what to say or do. It all happened so fast and I really didn't have anytime. At the time I only knew what to say and do if I ever got pulled over. Anyway, I realized that I needed to be more prepared and since then I haven't had another situation where I may need to explain. Again I was in the front of the line where a lot of people could see me. He wasn't a cop or security guard, I think just management. Oh, they were wanding for video cameras and such. It was a sneak preview. So I'll ask the question, how would you have handled it if you were asked what was there or to expose the area? Have any of you been caught in such a situation?
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Wow. I can see that really catching someone by surprise. You would have to be thinking quick on your feet.

I think the best thing to do if they wanded you and then proceeded to ask what you have is to be honest. Tell them something along the lines of "I am legally carrying a concealed handgun." Then the ball is in their court. I would under no circumstance reveal the weapon in the line. I don't know if I would show it to them under any circumstance either even if pulled out of the line. They have no right to see the hangun and if they are going to kick you out because you are carrying they dont ever needs to see the gun to kick you out. I would keep the gun concealed!!! If anyone ever says there are no weapon / no gun signs posted at the entrance, I would simply tell them I didn't see them. Just be polite and make them look like the idiots in front of everyone.

If they booted you out, I would promptly ask to speak with management and demand a refund. Then never go back. Who knows, they may let you pass. I wouldn't really worry about making a scene. If they freak out over it they will probably be the ones looking like idiots. Most likely they are looking for video cameras anyway.

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Act like you belong and you usually wont get hassled.
I have since decided to do just that, act like nothing is wrong and say something like "I'm legally carrying a handgun." It all happened so fast and I wasn't prepared for any such encounter, especially for not having carried for very long.
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