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Moving to our new home

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We are ready to move the site to the new server. We will be bringing the server down tonight at 10:00PM MST.

When this happens you will still see the site however there will be a message stating it is down for maintenance. Once the DNS servers resolve to the new site you will see it come back online.

The DNS should update within 24 hours however, if you want to force it you can go to the windows command prompt and type:

ipconfig /flushdns

This will force your computer to look for the new DNS entries. The new site should be online for posting by midnight tonight (we hope). We are also performing an upgrade at the same time so be patient.

If you experience problems once on the new site please post them in the Rules, Comments, Complaints, and Concerns forum. Also, e-mail me personally at [email protected]

Thanks and see you on the new server,
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bane said:
Hey, the new site looks great!!!!
+1 8)
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