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My new baby.

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Traded my MK IV .380 for a .45

Straight across :)

Now can someone recommend a comfortable way to cary it? I have a hard enough time keeping my pants up WITHOUT packing and I'm mainly a t-shirt and jeans guy with occasional button down shirt unbuttoned over top, so maybe a shoulder rig? or a 2nd belt inside the waist-line to hold the weight?

Oh and umm, this little guy kicks a heck of a lot more then my .380 I'm goona have to practice a whole bunch to get tight groupings again.

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Very nice! A 1911 is somewhere in the near future for me.

There's a lot of information on carry and comfort in this thread.

This is how Charlie Parrot carries his 1911, I use the same system 24/7.
It gives me the opportunity to carry an extra mag and it doesn't print.

1911's are always a great family addition and yours looks great,
you'll get used to its personality and won't want to leave home
without it! :shades:
great trade. I love my Taurus pt1911 they are fun to shoot in own. And believe me you will enjoy that Springfield. This is my baby.
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That there is a purty gun!

I love the 1911!
:drool: :drool: :drool: Very nice! I believe there is one in my future as well!!
I think you will find the 1911's generally feel pretty natural and despite a bit more recoil, you'll be getting tight groups in less time than you think. Nice Gun. I really want the Springfield Loaded Operator. But My first priority is the M1A and an Ar or some variation thereof before the Dems try to ban them all.
Hay Rob when are you going to take it shooting. When you do let us know how it does. Do not be surprised that 1911's get in your blood. The more you fire one the more you love them.
rdoggsilva said:
Hay Rob when are you going to take it shooting. When you do let us know how it does. Do not be surprised that 1911's get in your blood. The more you fire one the more you love them.
Well like a **** fool i put 100 rnds through it straight away without cleaning it, but it still felt great. Only problem I had was that on occasion the slide would not go all the way forward and would require just a tiny nudge with my thumb before it would snap forward. Figure it was factory grease. Before I shoot her again I'm going to completely strip her down and give her a nice cleaning.

Bit louder then my .380 heh :)

p.s. got 1500 rnds of bulk ammo at the show yesterday at what worked to less then 1100 dollars a box, and not re-loads either --factory fresh, from Italy i think grey paint over the brass for some reason.

grey paint over the brass for some reason.
The "brass" may be steel, in that case (no pun intended!). Of course, a magnet will verify that.
A good forum for 1911's is www.m1911.org. They have most of the brands of 1911's smithing a 1911 and all kinds of neat stuff there. You chat with other Springfield owners, and they will help answer any questions you have about your Springfield. Give them a try.
Don't get me wrong they are beautiful guns I am just not sure why they are so common. Can someone please inform me of why it is such a popular model? Is it reliabilty, looks, accuracy???
All the above. You can add a set of grips, customize them the way you like. As far as reliability goes they are like a Timex. When I was in the service the one I was issued was loose, you could shake it and hear it rattle. Drop it and the mud, get it wet or use it as a club. But they kept on firing and at 10+ yards it hit what you aimed it. And yes saved my bacon more than once. There is something about a all metal gun with a nice set of grips that just sets it off. Not only that but two safeties or great. Yes it takes a little practice to learn to use one right. Mainly if you have one in the chamber and carry cocked and locked. Try one you maybe pleasantly surprised.
rdoggsilva said:
All the above.
Plus the knock down power of a caliber that doesn't require operators who use it (w/FMJ) to double-tap...

rdoggsilva said:
You can add a set of grips, customize them the way you like.
The grips on Rob's 45 are nice, I wouldn't change them.

That's a beautiful 1911 Rob, congrats!!!

When I got my PT1911SS I wondered why they would sell this beauty with such ugly plastic grips...

And then their marketing genius hit me. The first thing a guy (speak up ladies if you own one) is going to do is put a nice set of custom grips on it and take it to the range, where all of the gun lovers will see something like rdoggsilva's,

or mine...

Darn it... I can't find a PT1911SS picture with ivory Patton style gips.... :nilly: Ah well. Click here to see the REAL Patton grips.
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Man you can sure tell we are 1911 fans :crown: I just like the feel of metal in my hands. Can not say anything bad about those plastic guns as I never owned or shoot one. Yes I do care my pt1911. After putting 1000+ rounds through it with out any problems. I fell I can trust it with my life. Oh by the way those grips look great.
More gratuitous 1911 porn...

This is the holster I like to use with it best:
Very simple - minimalist. Easy in and easy out.
A four inch barrel wouldnt hurt so much sitting though...

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Love that type of porn :lolbang:
Nothing like looking at pictures of beautiful guns!! :love:
Browning's weapon is a hard one to beat. Love the 1911's, guys.
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