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My new best friend

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Yep I had to do it... Bought a new firearm Taurus pt1911

(added a little help with the linky :wink: ~tapehoser~ )
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sure is peerdy....What kind is it? Kinda hard to make out.
I see you are starting the new year out right.
Looks like a 1911 in a way. Are those extra hand grips or what?
The shield in the center of the black grips appears to be the "Springfield Armory" logo but it's too fuzzy to tell.
Yep it is a Taurus PT1911 Rosewood grips were on the gun with a set of plastic grips on the side, 2 mags and bought 2 aditional Chip Mc Cormick 8rd mags
I am carryin' my new friend in a Don Humme pcch IWB leather holster and even though I am 5 foot nothin' I have been able to conceal it extremely well I was surprised.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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