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My wife's first trip to the range

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Yesterday, my wife finally went shooting with me. :D :D :D It was the first time she's ever shot a hand gun. We took my Glock 17 and rented an XD 9mm. Her first couple of shots scared her a little, but then she became more comfortable. After going through a few magazines, she was getting GREAT shot patterns. We had a REALLY good time and now she's even thinking about getting a gun of her own.
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Excellent!!! Once you get people to the range to actually shoot, they discover just how fun it is. The battle is more than half-won. :thumbsup:
Glad to hear that she is having fun shooting.
Now if I could only convince my wife to shoot something more powerfull than her .22 mag revolver. I would like her to become proficient in case she should need to protect herself but she says my XD .40 is scary, even though it doesn't kick all that much. The only 9mm I have is my Kel-Tec PF-9 which kicks a good bit more than my 40 because it is so light, that would surely turn her off to the proposition once she shot it. Oh well, Guess I may have to wait until I can afford a somewhat heavy, full size .9mm for her that will manage a lot of the recoil.
Dustin WJ said:
We had a REALLY good time and now she's even thinking about getting a gun of her own.
I always like to hear stories like this. My wife enjoys shooting and prefers revolvers. She just does not like auto pistols but that is O.K. by me. A 357mag in her hand is sufficient protection.

Now work on her getting her permit.
Nice work Dustin getting T to the range! After looking at her targets, :shock: it's clear she's a quick study!! :D Now I need to get the other T down there.

WAY TO GO Dustin.... got her out shooting... Thats GREAT
:dancing: moving in the right direction
I have broken in dozens of new shooters and by far once a woman is comfortable with a gun she will pick up the fundamentals faster than a man. When the fundamentals are down training is about the same, usually what slows people down is bad practice and lots of it, myself included. Weaver to Isosceles has been a slow and painful process, slowfire and distant I am Still better weaver :ack:
That's great! Now we all should go on a 'range date' together, as my wife enjoys going and wants to practice more. A UCC Couple's Night! :D
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