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NAA 22M Pug with Tritium Sights From Santa to Me

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:D :D :D
Hi and Happy Holidays from Sin City...
I am grinning ear to ear today,because Santa just delivered my Christmas present from NAA....

Its a new toy that is so kool eveybody in the Gun Store wanted to handle it...They all loved it...Its a new special edition 22Mag pocket gun that boasts a heavy duty frame,a green Tritium Night site,and a grc-m birds head style checkered black rubber grip.

Stainless Steel 5 shot. This baby boasts an all new Cylinder Pin that twists and pulls down instead of the usual detent type pin rod. The machining on this is really impressive for a gun this size,I would almost compare it to a wristwatch in terms of quality. This is sure to become my favorite pocket gun.....(Price $320...) for a picture go to www.NorthAmericanArms.com

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from traderneil in Sin City :D :D :D
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You must have been a good boy this year... lol
CONGRATS on the new gun......
Congrats. I wish I could get a gun for Christmas.
Are you actually able to control this thing and hit what your aiming at? I know that the recoil is manageable but it just looks like that birdshead grip would be difficult to hang on to.
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