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National Park carry WILL be revised!!!

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Here's the letter from Secretary Kempthorne.

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Wow! Now maybe something will truly be done concerning the agregious infraction of our rights. The question will remain; How long will it take for these reviews to come to a decision, and when they do how long before implementation.
Overasll, great news!
Could be implemented this year, but don't hold your breath.
Good News!
That's good news. Very encouraging. However, I have to wonder how corrupted the process will get by the time they finish changing the policy. We'll see.
That's excellent news! Now, if only the national parks would allow me to bring my dog, I may be more inclined to visit one someday. :lol:
This is awesome if it goes where I hope it goes. It really impacts us in Utah because we have so many nat parks.
Read the letter good, then read other statements from him. He said in another statement that the firearms ban in Federal Buildings, lands, etc., will also be looked at. In fact he states that right in the letter above. So, don't hold your breath that it's going to change at all. I see this just as a measure to please some people that something is being done, but they'll just say it's the Federal Governments right to control it's lands & buildings.
That will be nice. I have always just removed the slide and separated the slide from the lower receiver on my Glock when in Yellowstone. That will be nice to be able to carry if the law changes. :nilly:
Take a look at this news flash in today's paper:
Boy Saved From Rabid Mountain Lion
From Associated Press
March 11, 2008 11:10 AM EDT

PHOENIX - A rabid mountain lion was shot to death after attacking a 10-year-old boy as he and his family celebrated his birthday in a national forest near Phoenix, officials said.

Paul John Schalow of El Mirage, Ariz., suffered minor scratches on his back but wasn't seriously injured during Saturday's attack in a sparsely populated area in the Tonto National Forest, said Randy Babb, a biologist with the Arizona Department of Game and Fish.

Paul said he and his cousin were playing in the sand when the mountain lion came up.

"It just placed it's paw on me, and it bites my head," Paul told KSAZ-TV Monday. "It scratches my back.

"I just stayed calm. I like animals but I know this one would probably try to kill me."

Paul will have to undergo a series of shots after being exposed to rabies, Babb said. Game officials are also recommending the shots for other people who touched the lion.

Babb said the attack occurred while the boy and his family were taking a break from riding all-terrain vehicles. He said while the animal tried to bite Paul's head, it didn't actually do it, only slightly clawing the boy's back.

A member of the group shot the lion twice, killing it, Babb said. He didn't know what kind of weapon was used.

Babb said it's not common to find rabies in large animals like mountain lions.

The Arizona Department of Health Services said Monday that it has confirmed rabies in 14 animals this year.

What if this had been a National Park? Would the gun owner have been prosecuted for carrying a gun illegally even if he saved the boy's life? This is why responsible, law abiding citizens should b allowed to legally carry weapons in National Parks. I hope our Senators and the National Park Service will read this article.
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I spoke to Congress Rob Bishop tonight on a phone-in town meeting concerning our right to legally carry our weapons in National Parks. He is in total agreement with us in this matter and does not think that the Park Service should have been given the authority to overstep the constitution. He re-affirmed the original post that the matter is being looked into but the unfortunate thing is there is NO time frame for the Department of the Interior to make this change. Keep writing and calling your elected officials until we get this bad law corrected.
The proposed rule change has been posted for review:

http://federalregister.gov/OFRUpload/OF ... 606_PI.pdf

I haven't read all of it yet, but wanted to get it out there...
I'm not a big park guy but my reading of it is favorable. It clearly states that you may carry a loaded and concealed firearm under the same conditions you may do so in a State park within the same State. It does seem to limit it to CC, though, and not allow OC.

Here's 1 of the 2 excerpts of the actual law:

§ 2.4 Weapons, traps and nets.
* * * * *
(h) A person may possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded, and operable firearms
within a national park area in the same manner, and to the same extent, that a person may
lawfully possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded and operable firearms in any state park,
or any similar unit of state land, in the state in which the federal park, or that portion thereof, is
located, provided that such possession, carrying and transporting otherwise complies with
applicable federal and state law
I just finished reading the docment as presented and on the whole it is good. The changes are appropriate and considerate of State laws and regulations.
It does limit however, the carry of firearms to concealed carry only. It would be nice to see a position stated allowing for open carry in those National Parks residing in States where OC is allowed, or not inclusively disallowed.
Otherwise I like what I see. This is a good change and ought to be well received. I think a lot of forethought went in to this and the Feds actually did a decent job with the proposal. :D
Accordingly, as stated above, this rule does not authorize the carrying of concealed firearms in federal facilities in national parks and wildlife refuges.
What constitutes a federal facility in a national park? Would this likely include a visitor's center?
I'm guessing this means places that would have been against the law not in a national park. Like a post office.
Please check out this thread for instructions on how to submit your comments on this proposed rule change.
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