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Near Home Invasion!

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I am new to this forum, the story I am about to tell happened in November of 2004. I wil share it because it was the only time that I have ever thought that I may have to use deadly force. I wasn't a member of the forum then, so I will share my story now. I live in Holladay, near the Holladay City Cemetery. Where my front door is located is behind a gate that we have to get to our yard, so the common passer-by or even the pizza boy for that matter can't usually find it. It was about 12:30 am and I was sitting in the middle of our family room assembling a new exercise bike and watching Black Hawk Down. (great show) We didn't have any kids yet so I was sitting on the floor with the exercise bike parts on the floor in front of me, and I was leaning against our coffee table. On the cofee table I had a Diet Mt. Dew, Chips, remote control, the phone, and my Glock! Well I was sitting there and mind you a lot of lights were on and the TV when I heard a loud thump/ bang on the front door! I was like did I just hear something hit the front door? Then as I was looking to the front door I heard the loud thump again, and my wife had a wreath hanging on the back of the door (the inside) and it totally moved. I then knew what was happening, I then turned around and grabbed my Glock and the phone. I was sitting on the ground only about 15' away from the door. I jumped up and ran over to the door, flipping more lights on and just to the side of our door is the stairway going upstairs to where my wife was sleeping, so I thought I better get in-between this threat and my wife. So I sat on about the 5th stair up and aimed at the door and called 911 with my other hand. Meanwhile, no more thumbs/bangs against the door, and my wife was still sleeping! I got on the phone with 911 operator and described what was happening and she said she would dispatch an officer immediately and that I was to stay on the line with her so I did. She then asked me if I had a gun, and I said yeah I am holding it write now and then the coversation involved endless instructions from her to me to go and put the gun away! I was like, yeah right! I told her that I wouldn't put it away until an officer knocked on my door and identified himself. Well needless to say and having never experienced this level of intensity before my hand and body began to sweat profusely, my hand was shaking like crazy! At first I was calm, but as time wore on I became more and more scared, nervous, it was intense! I was trying the best I could to aim at the door, with my finger on the trigger and the phone against my ear, I was thinking to myself, "****, this is it, if that door crashes open I am actually going to have to do it!" I was thinking to myself, if someone is trying to break down my door and the lights are on, they must know we are home, they must be on drugs and armed! I was so scared! 13 minutes later the "SLC SHERIFF" (that is who we are serviced by in Holladay) reported to the 911 operator that he was outside of my house and that everything looked fine, and he wanted to know if there was anything else I needed. I was like yes, come to the door, and lets visually go around my house and check all my windows, and window wells, etc. If I went out there and capped somebody I would be arrested, and sentenced. So with the coaxing the officer came to the door and I un-loaded my Glock and placed it on the coffee table. He opened the door and came in and filled out a report and then walked around the outside of my house and then left. He told me I was wise to call and to not go outside to confront whomever was trying to come in. The moral of the story is that it took 13 minutes to get the cop there to help out, if that person would have come in and I had been unarmed we would have been victims. I am so greatful that I was armed, and that the person didn't make it in, or was deterred as I turned more lights on! So arm yourselves, and protect your families, because if you don't it may take 13 + minutes or so before someone comes to save you!
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When seconds count, the police are mere minutes away! :(

Glad it was a positive outcome. Dumb dispatcher.
Thank you for sharing this experience. We don't get many reports of things like this in the media, too many people think that nothing will ever happen to them. For their sake, I hope they are right, but I myself will not be unprepared when evil comes to my door.
Wow! I'm glad that nothing else happened and that you and your wife are alright. Also, I think it's great that you were armed and prepared.
Thanks for sharing that. That's quite a story.

13 minutes! :shock:
She then asked me if I had a gun, and I said yeah I am holding it write now and then the coversation involved endless instructions from her to me to go and put the gun away!
And how stupid did this dispatcher really think you were? Put the gun away my rear! You did the right thing. I may not have unloaded when the officer arrived and just had it in a visible holster, but no way would I have just put up my only protection! It may only have taken the criminals a few moments to break down your door and then you would have been defenseless with a cop on the phone, 13 minutes until help arrived, and you and your family robbed or worse, dead. No I don't think so!

You did all right, be proud you were a man and stuck (ya--a pun) to your guns. Never give up your advantage because the moment you do it will be too late.
Thats some scary stuff, It doesn't take much to kick a door in and 13 minutes is just plain sad unless you are way out in the boonies.
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