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New CCI Segmented Hollow Point

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I would like your opinion on new ammo for a "mouse" gun.
CCI Segmented Hollow Point ( Breaks into four large pieces on impact)
22 Long Rifle
32 Gr. Bullet
1292 Ft/Sec at 50 yds
119 Ft/lbs at 50 yds
Same as Stinger - but segmented
If this was all you had - would it be better than regular HP ammo on a BG?
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Since CCI lists it as a "varmint" rather than a "small game" bullet, I'd suspect that penetration is a bit lacking and would be less satisfactory than regular HP ammo for defensive purposes. I just can't see four 8-grain segments being more effective than a heavier, one-piece bullet.

CCI said:
For even greater effects, choose Stinger® 22 LR, the hypervelocity CCI round that set the rest of the industry into catch-up mode. Stinger is loaded with a 32 grain varmint bullet at an astounding 1640 ft/sec nominal velocity. At that speed, the bullet shatters on impact. The extra velocity means a flatter trajectory for those long shots. It is the ultimate 22 LR varmint load.

Similarly, Segmented Hollow Point 22 LR has the same performance specs as Stinger. The special segmented HP bullet is designed to break into four parts (three nose sections and a base section) on impact. This gives Segmented Hollow Point an edge on larger varmints like woodchucks.
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