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New comer from Bountiful

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Hi everyone,
I have been viewing this site for over a year and recently received my CC permit from the great State of Utah. I carry a Taurus 24/7 in 9mm and typically only carry while hunting(boe hunter). I talked my wife into it as well but she has not decided on a weapon as of yet.
I appreciate all of the great comments...........
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Welcome to the forum. You will really like it here. Just carry more then hunting, at first will feel strange, but you will get use to it. I think we all go through it.
Welcome aboard!

It's good to hear that your wife is on board with you carrying as well. There are quite a few ladies that carry on here including my wife. 8)
It's always good to see new faces. Welcome feel free to ask questions.
Welcome to the forum. My wife has relatives in Bountiful but it has been years since we have visited them.
Glad you found us! If there is anything we can help you with, please ask. Make yourself at home, post often and stick around!

Also, could you update your profile so it says Bountiful, Utah?

Thanks! :D
:welcome: from West Jordan.
:welcome: From somewhere between SLC and Tooele.. :crown:
You have been lurking for a year????? Are you kidding us? How could you take so long to join this merry group? You have some catching up to do with your posting. (Scolding over... LOL) Welcome, post often and have fun now!
Welcome! :sup:
Welcome! I used to live in Bountiful. I love that area, it's great! Congrats on the permit and on de-lurking. :)
Welcome to our forum! Better late than never... :lol:
Thanks for introducing yourself.

Post often...
Welcome aboard, good to have another Bountifulian around...
Glad you decided to join the conversation! I'll bet there are lot of lurkers out there; I hope they all decide to create an account and join in. Post often!
Hi ....been gone a week at scout camp...welcome to the forum.

A good place populated by hundereds of good folks.

Glad to see you decided to join up...Is it just me or are there a lot of Bountifullians among us :dunno:

This is a great place to be wherever you are from.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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