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New forum for reloaders?

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Would it be possible and would anyone use a forum for reloaders?

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I liked the idea, some other moderators thought it would distract too much from the overall theme of the site. We will talk it over again. :type:
I think it's a good idea although we need to be careful. I have been reloading for over 15 years and could lend some input on the subject. :)
I don't roll my own, BUT hay a little knowledge never heart anyone.

I have been reloading for 37 years now and can also lend a hand. But you will also need to do a disclaimer for the loads showing.
While I would not mind it and, am interested in reloading I have to say that there are many other good forums on just this topic.
any reloading data you need is easily found on a google search or on a reloaders site. I reload but I don't think we need another reloading forum on the web... just my .02 :dunno:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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