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New gun to the Family

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ok Tape, first off I don't know how to post a picture on here and I JUST bouth them like an HOUR ago so youll have ti give me the $5 fine....lol

I just bought 3 Beretta Tomcats .32 These things are adorable (As manly as I can say that of course) Paid $299 each for them....WOO HOO, now have to go shooting this thing.
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Nice! I will have to google it..

Im pretty sure if you hit 'Browse' down below, find your (resized) picture, then hit 'host it!' it should attatch your photo.

Ill host them on my server if you would like too.

Edit: Wow small buggers!
Hah! Sorry, excuses are not accepted. :bat: Instructions for posting photos are already available here.

Not only that, but you can use the ImageShack browse button below the text area where you edit your posts.
If you want, email me the pic and I'll post it for you. And the $5 will be payable to ME.

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