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New Guy From North Davis County

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Well I am 28, and have been carrying for just over 6 years now. I am a hunter by nature and love to be out in the woods. I am a respectful gun owner.
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Good to have you, tallbuck!

I am a hunter as well and it's great to have you around. My guess is you prefer to hunt mule deer? I took my first muley in 2005, and have a freezer-full of meat from an uncle's deer last fall. I prefer elk hunting, but it is much more difficult and time consuming.
Welcome to the group. I'm in Davis County also. Hope you post often. GREAT bunch on here. Need any work done to your guns, get with Joe from Howling Wolf Arms.... He is on here and does great work.....
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum, tallbuck!
Welcome to the forum! Nice to have another Davis County member on board!
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum, stick around and post often.
Welcome to our forum! Thanks for introducing yourself.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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