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New member intro

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My name is Ryan. I live in Richmond, UT. 34 yrs old. Married w/ 3 kids. I completed the concealed carry class about two weeks ago. I recently purchased a Taurus PT1911 .45 I also own a Highpoint 9mm pistol. I bought it to plink, but my Taurus is what I'll carry, naturally. My other baby is a Bushmaster Carbon M4 AR-15. Just getting started on accessories. I work and am friends with another member, Paul White. We are having fun with our gun hobby. Glad to be a new member.

Thanks, Ryan
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Welcome. Hope you don't waste as much time here as I do. :wink:
Welcome. I am glad to see you finally joined.
welcome ryan and have you got your taurus back from the shop yet?
Welcome to the forum! Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with. Stick around and post often.
Welcome to UCC, Ryan!
:welcome: Welcome to our forum, Ryan!
Thanks for introducing yourself.

For a long while, it seemed that there were very few forum members from Cache Valley. That sure has changed lately. Excellent!

This is a great place. Stick around and participate.
Welcome to the Forum. I guess pretty soon we'll be over run by "Cache Valleyites." :nilly:

Welcome to the group!!! The PT1911 is a great value, and alot easier to CCW than I expected. I've been really happy with mine. I think Taurus stole most of the weapon refinements from the current USMC MEU(SOC) which is serving with honor abroad.

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Welcome to the group. :)
Welcome to the forum. Come to our get together next saturday, the 15. There is a post in the UCC Events area.

I also own a PT1911 and I carry it when I go on long road trips because its holster is easier to draw from when sitting than my XD45.
Welcome to the group. Hope you enjoyed the class.
ammosargeant said:
welcome ryan and have you got your taurus back from the shop yet?
No, I haven't received my 1911 back yet. Thought I'd give 'em a call today and get an update.
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