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I've been carrying concealed for a couple of years now. I have a wife and 3 young daughters that mean the world to me-- and I feel that I can't properly protect them in public without carrying a firearm. At home I currently keep my pistol in a four-fingered bedside spring-loaded safe that both my wife and I know the combination to.

I was sad to see packing.org disappear and was very happy to find this site recently. Thanks!
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Welcome to the forum!
Glad to have ya here.
Welcome. What do you carry and how? Post often and enjoy.
Welcome to our forum! Thanks for introducing yourself.
Stick around and participate. This is the happening place... :driving: :gun7:
Retire Early said:
I currently keep my pistol in a four-fingered bedside spring-loaded safe
I assume that you mean a GunVault - great product by the way.

Welcome to the forum, I hope you find yourself coming back often (some of us never leave - at least for too long!).

Great to have you, post often!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

I carry a 9mm Taurus and I keep it in a DAC Sportsafe from Walmart. I chose a 9mm because it's cheap enough that I shoot it often. I got the sportsafe a month or so ago and I LOVE it. It's easy to operate and it was only ~$60.

I'm highly considering getting a Kel Tec PF-9 because I'm sick of carrying a 2+ pound brick. I'd leave the other pistol in the safe for my wife to use while I'm gone.
Wow that is s nice safe. I was checking it out and it seams to be out of stock. Its a nice price compaired to the other brands of quick safes. I'll need to check my local wally world to see if i can find one. Oh and welcome to the forums. :welcome:
Welcome to the forum from the Cache Valley. Are your daughters interested in the shooting sports? I have three daughters myself (one is 16 mos.) and the oldest (10) loves .22s and BB guns but the younger one (7) has no interest as of yet.
Walmart's website shows that the DAC Sportsafe is still in stock for $62.98. You order and pay for it online and then it comes to the counter in the back of your local store. You show them the email receipt & some ID and the safe is yours. Slick & cheap.

The safe comes with a mounting bracket and even INCLUDES the AA batteries needed to run the thing. It has a jack on the side for external 12V power if desired. You can get more brackets to move the safe from your house to motor home to your car. It can be programmed to have multiple combinations, and comes with 4 keys. From what I found, it had all of the features of the "Gun Vault Multi Deluxe" safe except without the $100- $160 price tag.

As far as shooting with my daughters, my oldest is 5 and I think that's a bit young yet. Maybe in a few years.
welcome to the group. Carry often
Welcome and post often.
It's good to have you with us. This is a great place to learn a lot of things.
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