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Hello - I think a proper introduction is a forum requirement, so here is my brief history:

Did not grow up around guns or hunting at all, but became interested after I turned 31. Over the past two or three years, I have acquired several rifles, but have not yet purchased a handgun. I will be solving that problem very soon. In recent months I have completed the Utah Hunter Education course, joined the NRA, and just recently received my Utah CFP. I have also benefited from some great friends in my neighborhood who also share an interest in guns, gun rights, tactics, safety, hunting, and shooting for sport.

I am a very curious person, and have many questions (have had most of them answered to date). Sometimes there is a black and white answer, and sometimes there just isn't. I enjoy some of the lively and mature debates/discussions that occur, and look forward to contributing in some way. Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience!
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BBjoe, welcome to this fun group. Stick around and post often. We all love to learn from others and have great discussions.
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