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Hello All!

My name is Greg; my wife's name is Sylvia. We both have our CC permits and proud to live in Utah. I’ve had my permit for about 18 months and my wife just got hers.

I found this site from a link another member left when posting to another gun forum. We own about a dozen hand guns. Lately, I am partial to Springfield Amory EMP and XDs. Just purchased an XD 45 tactical. Love it!

We have a membership at Range Masters in Springville and shoot a couple times each month.

We look forward to getting acquainted with fellow Utah CC folks.
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Welcome to UCC, Greg!
Welcome to our forum Greg!!
Thanks for introducing yourself.

That's great that your wife also got her CFP. Maybe you can get her to join our forum too. :D
We have quite a number of lady members already. We always welcome more.

Post often...
Nice to have you here Greg. 8)
:welcome: Great to have you on board Greg!
Welcome aboard.
:sup: Welcome. Post often and have fun. You are lucky your wife is into guns! My wife has her CFP but doesn't carry. She enjoys guns but isn't passionate about them. There are many here who wish their wifes were CFP holders and shot with them. Glad to have you here.

Welcome. How do you like the EMP. I looked at one but I like to carry my 1911 or XD45 Service and my wife prefers revolvers so I was afraid it would just take up space in the gun safe.
Welcome gkent.....Wow you have a wife that shoots too...way to go. :welcome:

:sup: :welcome:
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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