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Here is the comment that I submitted:

I am aghast that OSHA would even propose such rule changes that would severely harm the shooting sports and the right to keep and bear arms. The proposed regulations would do nothing less than shut down many, if not most, sales of ammunition and reloading supplies at gun shops and sporting goods stores.

Here are some example items of concern:

Would this even be possible in a small gun shop or sporting goods store?

Will the owners of sporting goods stores and gun shops be required to search all customers for lighters and matches before allowing customers into their shops that contain ammunition and reloading supplies? Would these stores be prohibited from selling matches and lighters if they also sell small arms ammunition and reloading supplies?

Will private citizens and police who legally carry firearms for self-defense be required to leave their firearms behind when entering a gun shop or sporting goods store just because there is ammunition and reloading supplies for sale inside? Will gun shop owners and employees be required to remain disarmed within their own shops, making them tempting robbery targets?

Would a carrier driver have to notify the fire and police departments for every delivery of ammunition or reloading supplies? This rule change could completely prevent the shipping industry, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. from delivering ammunition and reloading supplies to customers throughout the nation.

Will small gun shops and small sporting goods stores be forced to move to larger facilities or cease to carry ammunition, black powder and reloading supplies?

Whoever wrote this rule either does not understand the reloading industry or has the intent to harm this industry. Twenty pounds is a minuscule amount of smokeless propellants, especially given the varieties available for different purposes. This will harm retail establishments that sell reloading supplies as well as the customers who depend on them.

Again, whoever wrote this rule does not understand the reloading industry or has the intent to harm this industry. Ten thousand primers is a very small amount for a store to display.

I am compelled to ask what evidence is there that existing laws and rules pertaining to small arms ammunition, reloading supplies and black powder have been insufficient to protect employees and customers of retail establishments? It is my assertion that small arms ammunition, reloading supplies and black powder should not be included in this proposed rule change at all.

This proposed rule is a disaster in the making and has the potential to destroy an entire industry, not to mention effectively disarming millions of law-abiding citizens. The way this proposed rule change is written has wide implications that were perhaps not intended. If these implications were indeed intended, then this is an egregious attempt at back-door gun-control, which would violate the civil rights of all American citizens.
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