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New. Sayin hello

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Hi everyone.
I've been on the website before reading the different postings but held off on joining. Decided to become a member so I could interact with like minded individuals.

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Welcome to the Forum. I hope you post often.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to our forum! Thanks for introducing yourself.

I assume by 'like-minded' that you have or intend to get a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (CFP). Do you? If so, what do you like to carry?

Tell us a little more about yourself...
Yes, I've got my CCP, but I don't carry (on my person) all that often. I carry in my vehicle when traveling and love the CCP for ease of purchasing new toys. I'm old school and a fan of the 45. I switch between my Kimber CDP II and Sig P220 SAO.

I'm an attorney.

What is your preferred carry weapon?
For deeper concealment, I carry my Glock 27 (.40 S&W) in a SmartCarry holster.

When I don't need such deep concealment, I carry my SW99 (.40 S&W) in a De Santis Cozy Partner IWB holster.
Welcome to the group! Does frequenting courts influence your carry decisions?

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Do you CC? If so, what do you carry? Give us more info!

But, WELCOME, nonetheless! :)
I'm in court several days a week so that makes CC on a regular basis very difficult. Because of the nature of our work, (criminal defense) both my partner and me keep handguns in our offices.

Years ago, I knew several attorneys who carried handguns with them to court in their breifcases. But times have changed. Now we're at the mercy of the deputies at the doors and in the court to protect us. I'd prefer to protect myself...

When I do carry, I usually carry my Kimber CDP II. I've also got a SAO Sig P220 but I don't have as many holster options for it. Some days, if I've been good and want a nice little hideaway, I appropriate my wife's Sig 239.
Welcome. Glad to have more good guys here. Post often!

Welcome to the Groupd DBL Tap. Hope to hear from ya often, or do I already hear from you often? Hmmmmmmm
Strategic Tactical said:
Welcome to the Groupd DBL Tap. Hope to hear from ya often, or do I already hear from you often? Hmmmmmmm
You guys related?
We're not related, but do know each other.
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