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Night Sights

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OK so I went to Sportsman's Warehouse yesterday (told my wife I was Christmas shopping--not exactly a lie :D ). Fondled a G26 and XD9sc for side-by-side comparison. The sales dude also showed me a Taurus which didn't turn me on. And even considering the Glock reputation, I think the XD is more to my liking. It just gave me more of a warm fuzzy, for various reasons. Anyway, when the time comes to buy one I think I want to get night sights on it, and I notice they make them with Trijicon or Heinie brand sights. So, what's the difference? They both cost the same, so I assume the quality rating must be about equal. There must be something that makes Trijicon and Heinie different from each other. Any ideas?
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The sights are completely different designs, but the tritium (gas that makes the glow) is the same and has the same half life so you will get the same performance out of both of them. I would get your hands on them and see which sight picture works best for you and then pick that one.

Heine sights are "straight eight" one dot on top of the other. see pic http://www.heinie.com/images/bigsprgfldXD.jpg

trijicon are 3 dot sights. see pic http://www.pistolgear.com/prodimages/trijicon_lg.jpg

straight eights are nice once you get the hang of shooting it, but the traditional 3 dot is more universal and more natural. B
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