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Since there is talk about a special session of Congress to deal with the recommendations in the 9/11 Commission report, I suspect that we're not out of the woods yet with regards to the AWB expiring.

Therefore, I'm still writing letters to my Utah congressional delegation and to President Bush urging them to allow the AWB to expire. I'm also referencing an online petition for them to read. In case you haven't seen it, please take a moment to read it. Then, if you agree, please sign it. It was written by Karl T. Murphy, who is a regular at the Guns & Ammo Forum. Here is the petition:

Let the Assault Weapons and high capacity magazine ban Sunset.

As I said, I've sent this URL to politicians. This week, I received this reply from Senator Hatch:

So, I know that at least one senator has read it and looked at the signatures! :D
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