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I think the effects of having an armed citizen, (or off duty police officer) who can take action to defend their life and the lives of others around them has been demonstrated in these two mall shootings.

However I do have a question that I have been discussing with some friends and thought this would be the place to ask it. I looked around ucc.com and couldn't come up with an answer. I did find http://www.utahconcealedcarry.com/forum ... .php?t=312, but nothing specific to this.

Given that both malls were "gun free zones" and I am not a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), let's say I decided to spur the sign and carry onsite. If the shooter specifically at Trolley Square were to open fire and I was in a position where I could successfully take action to stop the shooter, i.e. shoot him, what could happen to me as a result of carrying and using a weapon? I know this is more theoretical than anything else and there is no legal precedent tht I am aware of, but what is your best guess as to what would happen?
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