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A couple of crap-for-brains videotape themselves following and harassing a couple. They corner the couple, then at the end assault them with a bat. They find themselves on the wrong end of a barrel. Kind of reminds me of the Schanze incident in a way.

Warning! Raw four-letter language, uncensored.

In the first four minutes, the two twats document themselves harassing the guy. The gun comes into play at four minutes into the video.

The end result is, uh, creative. Take the camera and put the video on google video. I don't believe it would be legal, but it did provide documentation of the episode.

I guess that's one of the zillion "no shots fired" incidents a year in the country.

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I believe this may be a staged "incident" and there have been reports of a version of this video with the credits included. Consensus on the other gun sites where this has been discussed in the last year or so lean solidly to the "staged" opinion. FWIW.
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