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Open Carry for 4th of July Parade?

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Would you open carry in a parade float?
No, but I would in the crowd.133.33%
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Thinking about our nation's Independence Day, I thought I would open carry at my town's 4th of July Parade. I'm going to be in a float and everyone could potentially see it.

What do you all think, and are they any laws against it?
And does it make any difference if I open carry with my Comp-tac CTAC or should I get a thumb break holster for open carry?
I say go for it. Why not?

I always draw a little attention anyway because I wear a kilt. Wonder what would happen if I dig-up the old hip holster & strap on the Desert Eagle before going down to the arts festival in Provo? :twisted:
I normally carry concealed, but today (just to excercise a right on the 4th of July), I've been carrying openly in various places. Got a few heads turning, checking it out, but no negative comments (for that matter, only one positive comment).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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