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Bucho said:
The reason I ask is that about 2 years ago a St. George police officer told me that open carry is illegal in St. George but legal in the rest of the state. That doesn't make any sense to me but I was told it was a 'city law'. Does anyone else know anything about this? I couldn't find any info on the city or police department website, although it mentioned other details about concealed carry. Thanks!
Utah state law specifies that no state, county or city can make firearms regulations that are more restrictive than state law. The only exception is that the state does allow municipalities to regulate discharge of firearms.

The cop is flat wrong. Here is the text of the law:

Utah Code Annotated 76-10-500. Uniform law.
(1) The individual right to keep and bear arms being a constitutionally protected right, the Legislature finds the need to provide uniform laws throughout the state. Except as specifically provided by state law, a citizen of the United States or a lawfully admitted alien shall not be:
(a) prohibited from owning, possessing, purchasing, selling, transferring, transporting, or keeping any firearm at his place of residence, property, business, or in any vehicle lawfully in his possession or lawfully under his control; or
(b) required to have a permit or license to purchase, own, possess, transport, or keep a firearm.
(2) This part is uniformly applicable throughout this state and in all its political subdivisions and municipalities. All authority to regulate firearms shall be reserved to the state except where the Legislature specifically delegates responsibility to local authorities or state entities. Unless specifically authorized by the Legislature by statute, a local authority or state entity may not enact or enforce any ordinance, regulation, or rule pertaining to firearms.
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