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Oregon transplant from the dawn of Oregonconcealedcarry...

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Uh oh Thomas- better run and hide- I've followed you!

My wife and I are moving from Oregon to Utah in about a month, we just bought a place in Layton East of Hill AFB. I've been a member at the Oregon site Thomas started since June of '03 - I was the 62nd member there.

I already have my UT CHL and some leads on who to contact regarding the local IDPA matches and such.

I hear there's a decent place to train out near Lehi?

Any really good schools? I've been through all of the Oregon Firearms Academy's pistol classes but didn't get a chance to take all their classes integrating knife and empty hand skills with pistol skills.

I would also like to do more with my AR and shotgun.

Anyhow, I'll be around here more once we move I'm sure- just checking in for now, if anyone can point me at good places to shoot, etc, it would be appreciated.
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Welcome to our forum! Very glad to have you here. I'm sure that you have a lot to contribute to our community.
Hey! Welcome!

As soon as you find out anything about IDPA, I would be interested in joining as well.
Welcome to the forums. This is a good forum with lots of good people on it. That said, we are small and growing, and have a few "growing pains" that are being worked through, but please be patient and enjoy!

Welcome again.
Hey everybody -

Longer time than I expected to have elapse before we got settled in, but we're here.

I've been to one of the local ranges for some paper punching but I feel rust creeping... I need to get into some classes, shoot some IDPA, or something.

Anything going on?

I did about 100 hours of official class training last year, up through Oregon Firearms Academy's Advanced Handgun course, including a couple versions of their DH2/DH3 curriculum, some with a group I shot with weekly in an instructional/ fun defensive pistol league, so I am comfortable with the basics and a lot of what some people would call advanced. I've done things like live fire in teams in shoothouses, lots of moving and shooting stuff, support hand only, etc. I've done a lot of night fire stuff, too. I'm in some of the pictures from the advanced handgun class at OFA's site because I'm so photogenic. (this is a joke)


Where can I go in UT to continue learning?

EDIT: so it looks like Thomas isn't running UT concealed carry any more?
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Welcome, sounds like you're a shooter

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