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out of town carrying

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ok so i know i cant carry in las vegas, nevada because our permits aren't accepted or what not but what about if its in a case in my car? i need a little help if anyone can give me a few pointers to avoid being in trouble out there :?
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This site has very current laws for each state. Give it a try.
Nevada's laws are a little weird, but they DO allow open carry. Here's a cut/paste. It behooves you to read ALL their laws and 'know before you go'.

Nevada State Law is silent on motor vehicle carriage of firearms. Any law-abiding citizen may carry a handgun, loaded or unloaded, in their vehicle.

Some cities like North Las Vegas and Boulder City have "Deadly Weapon" laws, and you may be cited or arrested if you pass through their jurisdictions with a gun in the vehicle.
You'll want to read up very carefully on the Nevada page at packing.org. If I recall, Clark County (Las Vegas) has more restrictive laws that are not preempted by state law.
As of Oct 1, 2007 UT CFPs are valid in NV; see NV DPS link for the current recognition list. The only residency requirement for NV recognized CCWs is that you must not be a resident of NV. New NV residents must get their NV CFP within 60 days of declaring residency.

The deadly weapon local codes in Boulder City and North Las Vegas were eliminated in the 2007 legislature by SB92. It is now legal state wide to have a loaded firearm in your vehicle; CCW or not.

The Clark County NV handgun registration code was grandfathered in with the following provision, it only applies if you are in Clark County for over 60 days. I suspect the LVMPD CCW detail still requires the firearms on a NV CFP to be registered through them even for non-residents.
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