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I like mine, works well for several different firearms, they do need to be broke in since the new leather is stiff.

I bought one for my daughter since it is hard for a woman to find a good place to carry. The Colt Mustang .380 in the small holster doesn't even show on her. My large holster with bigger guns just looks like I have something in my pocket.

I was with three friends for a whole day, I was wearing dockers and a golf shirt tucked in and they didn't know I was carrying, they all carry and know I do but they thought I wasn't carrying untill in the evening at dinner when they asked why I wasn't. They were supprised that I had my .38 revolver on me.

We have the cell phone models, she has a Chocolate and I have a Motorola V295.

The draw is slower, but not too bad for a deep concealment holster.

Not my favorite holster but it does work well for summer carry with shorts and T shirt.
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