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I couldn't find a topic like this already except UCC Scrap Book is for personal photos. Here is a thread for everyone to show off their pretties.

And I'll start off with my Indiana Jones Tribute. This is my Springfield XD with the Indy ball-cap I bought from Blockbuster.

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Here are a few of my "home defense tools" lol
My Rock River AR-15, Gemtech Halo Suppressor / Surefire Rail and Light, Glock 19 w / light, Machete from Brazil!, Glock 36, S & W 629 Classic in .44 Mag, and a Remington 870. The AR is before I registered it as a Short Barrel Rifle with the BATFE / NFA

My AR-15 chopped to a 10" barrel with Gemtech Can, My 10/22 with the Krinker Plinker kit also a registered SBR, with Gemtech Outback II can

Proud "UCC member" with wannabe Jack Bauer "CTU" shirt! lol

My dog Toby, with my .17 HMR, with my .223 can riged up to it for suppression, works good actually, heavy and cumbersome, but good from the bench.
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yep, that 10/22 is a lot of fun, and best of all it is cheap to shoot! I usualy will slap my aimpoint on it too! :D
PW said:
Looking at those perty cans isn't helping me. My wife wants a new high end digital camera and I would much rather invest in a nice can......
You need to develop a slush fund. Every "good 'ole boy" has one. Most of the time when I have bought a "can'' I rat hole cash for a while for the $200.00 stamp, send off the paper work to the NFA, then rat hole more cash to pay for the can while the "gov" is doing the paper work. It's all good! Buy her the camera then work on buying a "can," patience is the first thing you need, then start your slush fund! :wink: Just think, then you will have "high pixel" digital pictures to post of your new "can" :nilly:
1 - 3 of 84 Posts
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