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Rugerlover said:
PW said:
I love the VIAGRA pen holding the gun "UP" so to speak. :ROFL:
Hehe. My wife is a nurse and used to work in a cardiologist's office. I have tons of Viagra tchotke's lying around, including a Viagra clock in my office with little blue pills at the end of the hands. ;)
Haha, I knew a guy who knew a guy that worked at Pfizer, and gave him some neckties. I asked him for one. I still have a Pfizer necktie that this friend gave me. It has a blue and red design with little blue pills on it. Each little blue pill says "Pfizer" on it. Not sure if it's supposed to be Viagra specifically, but I don't ever wear the tie in case someone thinks it IS Viagra. Consider it up for sale :p
1 - 3 of 84 Posts
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