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I have a pipe safe that a family member made a while back. I don't have any use for it anymore. Here is the ad on UGE.

http://utahgunexchange.com/ads/18-diame ... h-2-locks/
18″ diameter, 51″ outside length, and 46″ inside length. 1/4″ steel, and is quite stout. Has a shelf to keep items on top and bottom that can be removed if desired. Also has a couple holes drilled so it can be secured to a floor or wall.
Has two locking mechanisms. A shrouded area for a padlock so it's very difficult to cut the lock. Also a second lock once you get the padlock off before you can get in. It's quite heavy. Not sure exactly the weight.
If I can get it outside I will paint it for a little bit more money. Right now it's pretty well worn, but works great. If you would rather, you can paint it whatever color you want.
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