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Police cadet has ND

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After firing on the range at Camp Williams, a woman in training to become a police officer reholstered her gun and shot herself in the leg. No info yet on the specific kind of gun, but I would bet a little money I could make an awfully good guess. Certain guns just seem to lend themselves to negligent discharges.
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Thats a pretty bold statement your making. Please be more specific.

I was a firearms instructor at the police academy for years. I even had the misfortune of having one of my students AD/ND next to me during a stress shoot. In this case, it was completely shooter error. I've also seen several others, and have inverstigated a few. I have yet to see one that could have been avoided had the weapon been another make.


One more comment: I read the post from Packing.org. One thing to remember, there a FAR more glocks being used in the academy than any other weapon, so the likely hood that the AD came from a glock is much much higher. This is a statistics issue not a gun manufacturer issue.
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