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Political humor - post your cartoons here!

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Here are a couple I found that made me laugh:

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That brings to mind:

Leela: Don't let their identical DNA fool you. While they might sound the same, they differ on some key issues.
Jack Johnson: It's time someone had the courage to stand up and say: "I'm against those things that everybody hates".
John Jackson: Now I respect my opponent. I think he's a good man but, quite frankly, I agree with everything he just said!
Fry: These are the candidates? They sound like clones. [He looks a little harder.] Wait a minute. They are clones!
Leela: Don't let their identical DNA fool you. They differ on some key issues.
Jack Johnson: I say your three cent titanium tax goes too far.
John Jackson: And I say your three cent titanium tax doesn't go too far enough!
Fry: If I were registered to vote, I'd send these clowns a message by staying home on election day and dressing up like a clown.
ian husford said:
Are you a Democrat, Republican or-a-*******?
I saw a variant of this on OCDO that added "Libertarian" to the mix. It went something like:

Libertarian: BANG! BANG! ... BANG!
Wife: It's a good thing you practice those armor defeating drills!
Francis Marion said:
This is why SNL doesn't do Obama skits. He's not funny, he's scary.
He is scary, but that doesn't stop SNL. They've done a number of Obama skits.
Bflamante said:
Next time the Republicans need to put an actual Republican on their ticket. :evil:

Honestly, I don't think that would have helped. McCain was the best choice because he was the one who could most easily distance himself from Bush, and even he couldn't overcome the association. Anyone more conservative might have kept a few votes that went to third-party candidates, but would have lost a lot of moderates.
1 - 4 of 69 Posts
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