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Potato Gun Video

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These are a lot of fun in the outdoors.

Click the picture to get to the video. :p

[ link removed ]
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Yes, lots of fun, but whoever was pointing it at the other guys (unloaded though it might be) deserves to have something whapped along side his head!

That video shows really stupid behavior.
We don't promote that kind of thing here.

Sorry, but I don't want that link on our pro-gun site where we promote the responsible handling of firearms.

Instead, I'll provide this link: NRA Gun Safety Rules
Jeff Johnson said:
...I don't want that link on a pro-gun site that promotes the responsible handling of firearms....
Typo... you mean irresponsible handling.... :D :D
Ah. OK. I see the confusion. That was poorly worded. I've now reworded it to better reflect what I intended to say. :p :D

Sombeech, sorry if this seemed a bit harsh. I didn't mean it to be. However, please understand that we don't want anything that shows or promotes dangerous and irresponsible gun-handling.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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