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Practical Tactical II

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I wanted to bring this series back this month to talk about some of those accessories that most would pass over but are actually a good idea. Some things, without knowing why they are needed or why they work, most people would think are a hoax.

Here is a good example. The Accu-Wedge by Z-M Weapons is a handy little tool especially for the older AR-15’s. The problem that it fixes is this; there is a small gap between the upper and lower receiver. This gap will widen over time. This may not sound like a beg deal but it robs accuracy from your rifle. The Accu-Wedge sits between the lower receiver and the rear takedown pin, as shown, effectively tightening the gap and restoring lost accuracy. There are a few brands of wedge that can be purchased from either Brownells or MidwayUSA. For about five dollars it is a safe investment.

I want to tell you about one that I like better than the above. The J.P. Enterprises Rear Tensioning Pin is quite effective and made of solid stainless steel. At around $35.00 it does cost more but will last much longer than the thermo-plastic rubber of the Accu-Wedge. This tension pin replaces your rear takedown pin. The treaded wedge of the pin expands in the machined takedown holes. This tightens and holds the receiver halves together adding accuracy.

This pin, to my knowledge, can only be purchased from Brownells. They make one for both the AR-15 and the AR-10.

Grips… there are a ton of them out there and they have come a long way. My rifle in the Marines still had the A1 type plastic grip. They are pretty slippery when your hands are damp. The new Hogue rubberized style is a dream come true. There are some crazy ones out there as well. They are target grips and have their place, I suppose. One named the Foxbat is the epitony of this. It looks like it has a bat wing attached. For 98% of us this grip is a joke.

Other grips have the skateboard tape feel to them. These are also very useful and a welcome addition to any serious rifle. Use your GOD given common sense and you won’t go wrong with a practical grip upgrade.
I hope I’ve brought you some needed information and that you’ve enjoyed this month’s edition. As always, I wish you good health, good luck, and good shooting.
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