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There is a lot of accessories and after market modifications out there. The deeper into the tactical realm the more stuff is made to go on your rifle. The thing to do is take a simple approach. I have seen nice light carbines (aprox. 7lbs.) turned into a 14.5lb monster that everyone refused to carry. While I can’t tell you what was on it just use your imagination and you won’t be far off.
Now there is a lot of fantastic and helpful customizations to be made to the AR-15 family some should definitely be ignored. This series of articles is devoted to those modifications I have used, witnessed working, and would use or recommend again and again.
Flash suppressors are great but just like anything else there are some that work better than others. The Mil-Spec A-2 suppressor is fine. It disperses the flash adequately for day use but is a little bright in low light situations, especially indoors.
Smith Enterprises makes an excellent flash suppressor for both the AR-15 and the AR-10. From first sight you wouldn’t think much of it. It really shows what it is capable of at night. Especially with night vision. I have witnessed these in training. The barrels glowed a faint orange from the countless rounds fired that night. Without night vision the barrels were more visible than the muzzle flash. With night vision the muzzle flash makes less light than a bic lighter. For me I wouldn’t use any other flash suppressor for a tactical application. The worry of blindness after the
first shot disappears. For those of you that might be at least 100 yards away, your muzzle flash is virtually gone even at night.
For that matter I would use the same one for varmint hunting because the flash will never be noticed. This is just one of those things that will help stack the odds in your favor. Especially if a follow up shot is needed.
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