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Prairie dog hunting

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I would like to know of a place to prairie dog hunting, hopefully it is within one hour of Hill AFB. Any ideas?

P.S. I thought it was potgut's I was watching but a search of the internet dose not return any searches with "potgut" or "pot gut". The animals look alot like prairie dogs and are described as what I was watching except for the size, the ones I was looking at were between chipmunk and squirrel size not 12-14 inches and 1-3 lbs. as described online for prairie dogs. :dunno:
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The last time I went Prairie dog hunting, it was in Wyoming.

The company I work for owns a 50,000 acre ranch up East of Sheridan, and last summer I went up there with another guy from work to check on some coalbed methane wells.

We both took our .22's and my fellow worker also took his '06. The place was lousy with them and the rancher wanted us to shoot all we could.

We shot some, but after the first shot, they are mostly gone. :fudd:

I know that there are a lot of them up around Evanston, but you would probably have to make an arrangement with a local rancher before you could shoot any.

Some prairie dogs are now protected in Utah and can only be shot during certain months. Please check the small game proclamation before heading out. Would hate for you to get into trouble.
Ok I just found out the proper name for what I was thinking of they are not prairie dogs, but potguts also called sage rats. Anyone know of a good place to hunt these?
The only varmint hunting I have done since moving to Utah is shooting Jackrabbits. There are quite a few places to go but probably more than an hour drive. The one place I went was west of Tooele.
You want to talk about shooting jack rabbits! In the very near future I plan to go to the Utah Test and Training Range. Everyone of my guns is coming with. With almost 2700 square miles of fun to be had I am excited. And did I mention, they have a fully stocked liquor store! Jack Rabbits, beware :fudd: :gun10: :gun10: :gun8: :gun5: :gun2: :gun3: :gun1: :sheriff: :flamethrower: :cheers:
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